La Maquina

Mezcal, Oaxaca and Art

Oaxaca is just magic, since i was little I wanted to live there, on these days is the only state to ban Starbucks, Coca Cola for the underage and allowed abortion and marriage of the same sex, in other words Oaxaca is the most advance state in Mexico and soon we hope will become a truly independent and separated country it truly deserves it.

Lots of bare walking in Oaxaca and my feet know it.

One of the best features in Oaxaca is that it hosts La Maquina, the most fascinating printing workshop in the world, commanded by an exceptional printer Don Francisco Limón.

Francisco Limón, Turok and Nonoy

In October 2019 I was honored to be allowed to do a print in La Maquina, to begin with, it was a bit hard to many distractions, parties, friends, beautiful women, mezcal and excellent food.

The print name is The Ducks Also Ride is about a mother and her daughter searching for independence, riding back to the country, and leaving it all behind, in other words escaping to freedom.

This wasn’t my first lithography, I done one 40 years ago and it was shown in Bellas Artes México City and in the Biennale of The Federation of British Printmakers. but then it was a smaller machine and we have to ink the the stone manually.

Kuate 40 years ago…………………………………………………. La Maquina today from Paris To Oaxaca.

I wish to thank all the people who help me in Oaxaca first the crew of La Maquina: Benigno Hernández, Polo Vallejo, Adrian Leon and of course the big boss Francisco Limón and second all the friends of who made my staying in Oaxaca an unforgettable experience El Negro Alberto Ibáñez, his brother Memo, my nephew Adán Gutierrez, El Gober Precioso Hector Audiffred, El Kike, Robert Boerleider, Japo Meixueiro, Jean-Marc Tassé, Taro Zorrilla, and the ladies without them life will be so miserable first of all the real big boss Lolo, and of course the muses Erika Hernández, Maria Velasco, Luz Ma González, Natsumi Baba, Melissa Liera, Xperla, Emilia Chuliá, Nonoy, sorry if I forgot anyone else.

So after so many hardships, and shots of mezcal we finished with a wonderful edition of 25 prints thanks Oaxaca.

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