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1955: Born in Mexico City

Studies: 1976 Foundation In Arts At Cambridge College Of Arts, 1978 BA At Falmouth School Of Art, 2005, MA at San Carlos UNAM Mexico.

Awards England: 1980: Represents Falmouth Art College at The Stowells Exhibition at the RA, 1977, Grant from England to study a BA Degree.

Awards Mexico: 1987 Invited to 4th Centuries of Guadalupan Art at CCAC, 1982 Mention in 2nd Young Art Show at Bellas Artes.

Some Solo Shows Mexico: 2004 Lluvia De Selva at Veracruz, 1988 Please To Meet You Hope You Guess My Name at San Carlos Academy.

Group Shows England: 1979 Royal Academy Summer Show, 1980 New English Art Club At The Mall Gallery.

Print-Making Biennials: 1988 Diego Rivera at Guanajuato, 1980 Federation Of British Printmakers at Blackpool.

International Group Shows: 2004 Foundation Grand Mere Gent Belgium, 1997 Mexican Printers at Colombia.

Group Shows In Mexico: A lot.

Murals Painting: From 1976 to 78 works as a community mural instructor and was in charge of 9 murals through all of Mexico.

Pottery: From 1882 to 1994 participates in Wirikuta Workshop and has many group shows as a stoneware ceramist.

Other Interests: Rock and Roll singer, radio presenter, film critic, Aztec dancer, photographer and main actor in international short films.

Ecology: From 1995 to 2002 goes to the jungle to live in a sustainable way, today he rides a bicycle and worries about climate change.

Digital Art: Since 2005 has gone computer crazy with exhibitions in Oaxaca, Avenida Reforma, Conejo Blanco in Mexico, Washington USA, his works illustrates an iPhone application and 2 book covers.

Lately: Print-making group shows, Ambos Lados in Mexico and USA, two exhibitions in Munich, Homage to the 1968 in UAM Mexico City and once more Oaxaca.


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