Why did you stop painting with real paint?

Because it was just so much more exciting using a computer, it gives you so many options. But especially, I grew weary of watching so many colleagues with a full room of paintings and nowhere to store them. If someday people do not like my paintings, all they have to do is push the delete botton.

Are you ever going to paint with real paint again?

I hope so. I plan to finish my life living in nature, without many belongings. Obviously there is no room for a computer.

Is there any contradiction between you being such an advocate of nature and using the computer?

If the human race expects to survive, there has to be some kind of convenience or marriage between technology and nature.

Do you consider your digital work art or design?

Definitely art. I spend so much time correcting and contemplating my work, the drawing tablet gives the same or more freedom than the brush.

Why do you take such long time to finish a work?

I like to change and explore all the possibilities. I also have this compulsion of going over and over everything, again and again, even after many years, wondering if I can ever really finish the work.

Which are your favourite artists?

Renoir, Monet, Matisse, Modigliani, Paul Klee, Zen Art, Brancusi, Rothko, Anselm Kiefer, Manga Comics.

Do you take drugs for inspiration?

No! I did take drugs when I was younger but found I couldn’t paint under their influence, I am not prudish about drugs but I certainly don’t consider myself a drug-addict. If anything, the only drug I was hooked on for a while was television.

What about music?

Music is the perfect companion when I am painting. I sing and sometimes dance. I come from a time when some of us thought that rock ‘n’ roll could actually change the world.

What about bicycles?

Bicycles changed my life. They forced me to get out of the studio and move my ass, meet other people and, in a way, help in the struggle against climate change.

What do you expect to achieve with your work?

I used to think I could be someone like Diego Rivera, Picasso, etc. Artist that with their paintings inspired their nations. Times have change and nowadays I am quite happy just to have a good time and maybe bring a smile to the spectator.

Is human civilization going to collapse ?

Yes, absolutely! I don’t see human beings changing their ways in the near future. The tipping points are looming and they will arrive quicker than anybody expects.

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