They Killed Them Because They Were Beautiful.

Coming back to Mexico City, I had an exhibition at The Hexen Café, a most appropriate place to show the latest paper work done in 2 Amates, as well as some work that I finished in the big city. Women are  the subject, but not any women. Only the ones that have control of their life, bodies, soul and espiritual powers. The ones I hope take over the world if we want humanity to survive.

I had enough of big formats and especially oil, that seemed so slimy. After visiting some of my teachers and colleagues, seeing rooms and warehouses full of terrible paintings that only seemed to be taking up much needed space, I decided it was so much better to only do paper work. If nobody wants it, just put it to a match and c’est tout! The times, they are a changing.

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 They Killed Them because They were Beautiful Gallery

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