The Year We Lived Dangerously

2006 was a year of social upheaval. There was electoral fraud and the opposition occupy Reforma. For two long months there was camping in the main street of Mexico City. Meanwhile, The Teachers Union, with the help of the people, captured the city of Oaxaca, demanding the resignation of the governor, who was responsible for many killings. It was a time of barricades and confronting the police. The first commune of the XXI century. I participated in both movements, sometimes risking my own skin.

It was a transition period. I acquired my first computer and began to learn how to use it. I started doing some digital paintings using photographs and carried on with the watercolors and drawings.

Of course, we celebrated the Oaxaca Rebellion the way we should – in La Bisnaga, with a collective exhibition and lots of mezcal.

Maybe the most dangerous thing that happened was the mezcal. Up to this day I don’t really know how I survived.

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 The Year We Lived Dangerously The gallery

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