San Carlos, The MA Years

Between 1986 and 1994, I did my MA Degree in Fine Art at San Carlos, the historic school of UNAM The National University of Mexico. The actual schooling was only three years but it took a little longer to finish my thesis, including of course a magna exhibition in one of the galleries. The name of the show was Pleased To Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name. Mexico is a very religious country, so I suppose the subject matter was a way of rebelling against tradition.

It was a time of painting with oil on canvass in big formats. I believed art had to make big statements and that artists were some kind of gods that could change the world. Art, the true religion! Going to openings and having parties was a collateral damage that we had to endure. Well, maybe just the morning after (hangover)

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San Carlos The MA Years gallery

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