Casa Kamffer – For Sale.

We are selling Casa Kamffer after 60 long years living in this beautiful Mexican colonial style home, now moving to the countryside to live in a more sustainable way, we are going to missed the city lights, the social life and all the other perks, we hope the ones that buy the house will maintained it and love it like we did, but it is up to them what to do with the property.

Property Details

Address: Plaza Rio De Janeíro 62 Colonia Roma C.P. 06700 Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc Mexico City MEXICO

Price: $ 2 200 000 USD

Age: 60 years the government officially give us less than 30 years although the house was originally built around 1930 but the film director Raul Kamffer completely remodeled it in 1960.

Size: Terrain 209m2, Interior 491 m2

Property Type: Town House

Code: RCV475121-412

Property Features

Parking: One covered garage

5 Levels: A basement, a ground floor. and 3 floors up

Water works: 1 Cistern and 2 water tanks until today never had a problem with lack of water.

8 Bedrooms, 7 baths, 2 Laundry Areas: 5 Living Rooms.

Green Areas: 1Inside garden and 1 roof garden.

Neighborhood: Live in trendy Colonia Roma, nearby metro and metrobus stations, schools, department stores, gourmet restaurants and fancy shops, gyms, Laundry and dry cleaning facilities, museums, theaters and cinemas and in front of Plaza Rio de Janeiro one of the most beautiful public garden in Mexico City.


The fascinating history of the house:

Take a virtual tour:





Inside garden, stairs, roof.

Kitchen, bathrooms etc.

Living, sitting rooms and studios.


Art, the city receipt and serendipity.

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